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>> tech know. >> we're here in the vortex. only on al jazeera america. ♪ >> announcer: this is al jazeera. ♪ welcome to the news hour, live from headquarters in doha and coming up, in the next 60 minutes. israeli air strikes continue for the fourth straight day killing over 100 palestinians and continue the assault and not buckle under international pressure and deep division and he replaces the kurdish prime minister.
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news from europe as pro-russian fighters hit back in eastern ukraine the president vows to destroy those who killed 23 soldiers. andy richardson with the sport and on the move to barcelona and lebron james is out of the heat and heading to cleveland and we will have reaction to that story. ♪ it's been a fourth day of intense bombing of gaza by israeli air power and they passed a grim milestone, 105 people have now died in air strikes according to the palestinian health admin industry and of those 24 are children and 6 are from one family attacked on tuesday, 12 casualties have been women but we also know another 8 of the dead were palestinian fighters and john is in gaza and joins us
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now live, john, it seems to be the usual this evening, sunset, the start of ramadan and another round of air strikes. >> that is right, sue, when we began we began to see rockets coming out of gaza and air strikes coming in and that is a typical pattern. it starts up in the middle of the night at 3:00 in the morning when people wake up for their predawn brek breakfast and up set about targets being ticked and two mosques in gaza and we are told 22 people were injured in the mosque strike and there was a hospital called the wafa hospital we are told that was hit as well. those figures you gave earlier are very important here because the palestinian health authority says that half of those killed have been women and children. and we know from going into those sites that certainly many
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of the people killed were children, to families of eight each had six children killed and each of those incidents. so people here are particularly concerned about the selectivity of the target. we just went to the home of somebody who was admittedly a member of the al-brigade and the military wing of hamas and the house was destroyed and warned ahead of time and the entire family managed to make it out but one thing i found interesting is we talked to the neighbors afterwards and while the homes were damaged in the strike they said they were friends of the man and did not blame him and blamed israelis and that is significant in the sense that people here are growing increasingly upset and frustrated and for many of them that drives their support actually behind hamas, despite the threat of a ground strike to follow the air strikes going on now. >> and, john, we know from our colleagues going out into the streets and seeing evidence among the ruins that children,
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even perhaps neighbors have been caught up in this. >> reporter: it's true. we have seen children as young as two, even younger being killed in the air strike. my colleague nick shiffrin took video today and there was a small child killed not far from here in a refugee camp of about two years old and we are seeing that story over and over so these may be precise strikes, but there are children and innocent people that are clearly being killed. my colleague stephanie decker went around today and took a look, this is what she found. >> reporter: it's in the small details where you see lives interrupted here on the edge of that building, half of it burned out and you see a child's stickers on the walls and also towels, something when israel strikes here there is no time for people to get out, sometimes it does issue a warning strike and a warning call but certainly there is no escape if you are in
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here. now, the scene of devastation is huge. entire half of this building has fallen apart and you can see also on the back that is another building, apartments half blown out. now if we look through the rubble, again, signs of who used to live here, there is child's toys and also over here to left there is a baby toy and it tells you families are being absolutely affected by this relentless bombing campaign. civilian death toll is rising. many women and children among the dead and even though israel says this is a military campaign against the different armed factions here, it is the people who are being affected. they are terrified and many will tell you that they feel they have been completely discarded by the arab countries and international community that this is something they need to put up with and they are petrified how this will all play out. >> you are beginning to see overnight a little bit of a lull, that tends to happen for a few hours, but this will almost
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certainly pick up. the big concern among many people here, of course, is the threat of a ground strike. of course israel has called up many of its reserves and it has tanks and it's got soldiers masked around the gaza border. we heard benjamin netanyahu warn that that could happen coming up, and the palestinian leader abas said he believed and said this last night he believed this could happen within days if not hours. so the concern there is there could be a severe humanitarian crisis already in gaza city people are unemployed in numbers of 40 or 50% of the population, 80% of them live on aid from nonprofit organizations. so this would drive a number of people from the border areas into the center area around gaza city which simply does not have the capacity, the bomb shelters you might have in other parts of the world, to hold all those
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people. and united nations aid official told me that that would be a catastrophe, that is a major concern here in gaza. >> thank you, john is there with the very latest from inside gaza. well, israel says more than 600 rockets have been fired into its territory from gaza over the past four days and 77 of them were launched on friday. this picture shows attack in the city which destroyed all tankers and cars and israel defense system intercepted 19 rockets on friday. and the prime minister says they carried out more than a thousand air strikes on suspected hamas sites and benjamin netanyahu says israel will not bow to international pressure to stop the attacks. >> translator: no international pressure will prevent us acting with all our force against a terror organization that is calling for or destruction, we will continue to forcefully attack anyone who is trying to hurt us and continue to defend
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both with determination and wisdom on our home front, the citizens of israel. >> we are live in jerusalem to flush out a little more about benjamin netanyahu's speech and it sounds like international pressure is totally falling on deaf ears. >> reporter: correct, sue, and i think the israeli prime minister has made it clear that international pressure is not going to stop israel from acting against what he described as militants in gaza. he says he has already spoken to several world leaders already about israel's right to defend itself. and he also said that his first and foremost priority is to restore calm in israel and to stop the source of the rockets being fired from gaza and that he is exploring all possibilities to achieve this goal. he said basically that in the last few days the army has struck over 1,000 targets in gaza and that this operation is
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larger than the last operation israel carried out on gaza in november 2012. he did not give a timeframe about when this operation may end. he said it would end when no more rockets are fired from gaza into israeli territory. he also did not explicitly mention a possible ground operation soon. he just said right now israel is prepared for any possibility and so is the army, which is massing by the border with gaza. >> he said this operation was larger than the 2012 operation. do we think this is going to escalate or are we seeing the figures being much bigger than that one? >> reporter: well right now it could go either way. i think in the last few days, since the government order to the army to prepare for a possible ground invasion and call it reservist and send tanks and additional troops to the border it's trying to tell the
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israeli public that a ground operation is possible. let's remind you that israeli people are very angry and frustrated with the way netanyahu has handled this crisis so far. they feel that he has not done enough. last week we were hearing statements from him where he said that he is not interested in a large-scale escalation. this has changed because there is more pressure on netanyahu to act firmly and because people say they are the ones who are suffering especially those communities in southern israel and now even in israel's largest city, the commercial capitol tel-aviv where we hear several times rocket sirens going off and people are running to public shelters while walking on the streets. so people feel that they can't go about their daily lives normally and that the prime minister has to do something. and i think much of his statements today are for domestic consumption. he didn't really say anything new. he is not ordering the ground
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operation. he is saying it's still a possibility but he is trying to calm angry and frustrated israelis who want for see the rocket fire end. >> thank you, that is the latest from jerusalem. so what is the u.n. doing about this? and we will go to james who is following developments in new york. >> reporter: security council met to discuss trying to come up with a statement on the situation in gaza, i'm told during that meeting there was some progress and then suddenly after all the ambassadors had consulted the capitols i'm told the u.s. delegation said it had problems with the wording and i'm told that statement will now not go no where. this angered arab ambassadors and decided to take some action of their own. i'm told they are drawing up a draft resolution they plan to circulate to members of the security council, a resolution that calls for a cease fire. now, this is going to put the
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americans in a very difficult position if this resolution is put to a vote in the security council. what will they do, i'm told the resolution, the draft that is being prepared by the arab ambassadors is similar to the resolution back in 2009 during the final days of the conflict in gaza then. that resolution did actually pass. but the u.s., the u.s. foreign minister, the secretary of state, congress rice abstained at that time. >> the situation of gaza on the website and there is a blog on the front page with updates pictures and videos from our correspondents. three al jazeera journalists spent 195 days in an egyptian prison and they are all falsely accused of helping the out lawed muslim brother head and greste
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and mohamed were sentenced 7 years each in prison and he was given seven and additional three because of a spent bullet he picked up at a protest, al jazeera rejects convictions and demands the journalists be freed. secretary of stayed is in afghanistan to diffuse elections and john kerry described the situation as a critical moment for afghanistan and the early results show gany in the lead but abdulla-abdulla says it was rigged. >> reporter: afghans have high hopes that america's top dip mate will end that will derail the first peaceful transfer of power and kerry with karzai are working for a solution on who will be the next president. the vote has been cast but they are contested and karzai says it
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has to be agreed on by both candidates and be in line with afghan law, kerry agreed. >> i'm here because president obama and the united states of america are deeply interested in a unified democratic and stable afghanistan. we obviously have high hopes that the questions about the election will be resolved quickly. >> reporter: candidates support u.n. plan that would review 8,000 ballot boxes or about 43% of the vote. >> our commitment is to ensure that the election process enjoys the integrity and legitimacy of afghanistan and the world with belief and therefore we believe in the most intensive and extensive power possible to restore faith. >> reporter: that's what the people want too. faith in the process. some chain themselves together to block the road to kabul's airport demanding a resolution. the political uncertainty has
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damaged afghanistan's fragile economy. and his arrival of abdullah welcomed the secretary of state mediation. >> it's a critical time and once again it is proof to commitment to hoping and saving afghanistan and the democratic process here and we thank you and we welcome you and hopefully all of us will utilize the pressure time for your presence here visiting our camp. >> reporter: there is a gap in demand between the two parties. abdullah wants 11,000 boxes reviewed and an independent third-party to review them because he says he doesn't trust the afghan commission in charge. the secretary of state is trying to find a solution where both candidates and the people of afghanistan can trust the outcome. jennifer glasse, al jazeera, kabul. the rift between iraq central government and kurdish authorities is widening, prime
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minister maliki replaced the prime minister who is a kurd. and that is after kurdish mps pulled out of central government and angered by iraq prime minister for hovering extremist and we are live in northern iraq. and really moving the foreign minister to one side is i suppose intensifying the struggle between iraq's leadership and the kurdish minority. >> reporter: indeed, sue it is and shows how neither side is essentially backing down and as everyday goes by and more escalation, if you remember yesterday the foreign minister as well as the deputy prime minister and the health minister all three were kurdish member of the cabinet suspending participation because of comments made by maliki and failure of the prime minister that had led iraq to the chaos it sees now and rather than
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maliki saying let's come and talk about these differences, what he said was, well, okay, you're going to the side now and he brought in someone else. interestingly the person he brought in instead of him to replace him is someone not to be very, very, very close to iran, showing that basically that this is more than just an internal issue, this is a regional struggle and so long as both sides, the kurdish government here in the north and central government in baghdad have battling of regional powers they will continue to be stubborn and entrenched in position. >> at the same time we are seeing the kurdish forces making gains on the ground. >> reporter: indeed, just today they took over two of the main oil fields in kurkook oil field and the other bay oil field. and that is something else that many people are accusing the
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kurds of being opportunistic in the wake of the surge by militants and groups who captured large sways of land from the iraqi government that the kurdish forces saw the opportunity that the iraqi forces were on the back foot and therefore entered to take that territory. the kurds say, no, they are not taking oil fields because they are being opportunistic and only doing it because they have intelligence that the armed groups and sunni groups going through take them over themselves. it's important to note that the oil refineries and oil fields have been unoperational since the fighting began a few weeks back. so the true test as to what the forces and the kurdish forces intention is whether they start operating this field again in order to get revenue for themselves or whether they are just going to station their forces there. >> good to get your thoughts and we have the latest from northern iraq.
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there is much more still to come on the news hour including as israel toughens the stance on gaza we will get the view from an israeli government spokesman. and band in brazil for biting but now bound for barcelona, liverpool agreed with swarez. ♪ ukraine's president porshenko will destroy the people and we will get more from the european news center. >> reporter: 19 soldiers killed and 100 injured in a missile attack in border post in eastern ukraine and four more died in the east. and forces are gaining the upper hand in the three-month battle with separatists. last weekend they pushed pro-russian fighters out of the
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main stronghold in slovansk and went to donsk where they have dug in and the attack happened at daybreak at a border post they were trying to get in the new hansed region and footage of a rail way bridge being blown up thursday in donsk. [gunfire] one of several bridges demoli demolished by fighters to delay the advance and more violence and hundreds of people left donsk and the president ruled out air strikes in the city because of the large civilian population and went to a calmer city. they accused ukraine president of not being serious to end the fighting in the east. >> we are deeply disturbed by the continued violence in eastern ukraine. as it turns out the much touted
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peace plan turned out to be a smokes screen for a punitive operation in east of the country. which is taking an increasing toll on the life of civilians and for that matter on the lives of others as well. >> let's go love and join al jazeera scott and after the latest attacks what is the death toll likely to mean for the military operation there? >> reporter: this is a death toll, single day death toll we have not seen for weeks. an airplane was brought down back in mid june, so obviously and we heard those strong, strong words coming out from kiev condemning what had happened, this rocket attack and saying they will find the separatists fighters who were responsible for this. you can imagine now after several days of vick -- victory and battle and there was attack and a couple others in eastern ukraine so this is something
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that will be i guess a tide turning event for them, how will they take this and what will they do after this? now we heard a lot of strong rhetoric coming out of kiev and also from donsk with the separatist fighter leaders saying they will stand the ground here and hundreds of separatists leaders here that retreated and fighters who retreated back and operating in the area and we have a tense situation in the city but with this very, very deadly day for ukrainian forces and what could it do and prompt them to push further on the city and could prompt them to continue to push further on other fronts, but right now with the rhetoric coming out from kiev you know they will probably try to push something or push forward with movements over the next couple days. >> you mentioned the tense situation there with all the extra fighters milling around, what ordinary people do to go about their daily lives, what is it like? >> reporter: it's in some stages
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it's sureal with an open air cafe and people having lunch but in the background you will see a couple of soldiers racing around in a vehicle like they have no care in the world because they are really not going to be stopped at a local police here. in a sense they own the roads here in this city. they are not that visible. you will see them every once in a while, very late on thursday evening we saw a couple of armored personnel carriers drive down the main road by lennon scare square in the city and carry on and you are reminded of it and very tense and what we have seen over the last 24 hours, the missile attack, a lot of deaths on ukrainian army side and show force here on thursday, the separatist fighters went out to the northern part of the city and launched artillery and mortars where there are ukrainian soldiers and postering on both sides but now with the
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death toll today you might see a little bit more so that could mean it's going to be a very tense weekend here in da nshnyi. >> thank you and a russian man charged with hacking in the united states insists he is innocent and fear he will die in custody if he doesn't get medication and he and his girlfriend and father has been speaking to the media in moscow regarding the arrest on bank fraud and other charges this week, the son of a prominent russian politician and brain damaged by a 2011 bombing and u.s. authorities allege he hacked in computers in hundreds of businesses including phoenix. the whistleblower edward snowden looks to have item tarry asylum extended and people close to the migration service says it's because his life is in danger and he fled to russia after leaking details of secret state surveillance programs in the u.s. and moscow granted him
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asylum and has progresses with washington who wants to try him on espionage charges. to expel a cia chief is inevitable but insists germany is key to retain a strong partnership with the united states. >> translator: decision to ask the u.s. intelligence representative to leave germany is the right decision and this is an appropriate reaction to the breach of trust that has taken place. >> reporter: the center government with donald has survived second government and this is about secret conversation of top leaders and includes one between the interior minister and head of a national bank and supposedly talking about how to keep the governing party in power and the vote was 236-155 in the government's favor and opposition accuses of dragging
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the opponent in a political crisis and he requested the first vote to strengthen the talks with the eu. three years after portugal needed bailing out they are trying to calm fears over the stability of the biggest bank and trading was suspended on thursday after shares fell by 17%. that was a response to concern that it could be at risk from default on loans to struggling companies within the santo group and the main share index fell 4% on thursday. regained 2% on friday. that sent ripples across european markets which posted the worst weekly performance since april and the economy needed 106 billion bail out while the eu and international military fund in 2011. slowly but surely it has been recovering, the amount the government must pay to borrow is the lowest level in eight years. economist explains why the
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markets were spooked by this bank's problems. >> reporter: it was only this morning and last night when the bank released a statement detailing some of its exposure to its parent company and again reiterating that it was safe with a capitol buffer and the markets began to be a little bit more reassured and we seen the share prices bounce backup as an extent but i think the real problem here is one where the markets in europe, there has been a lot of tightness this year and markets recovered a long way but many people are beginning to think perhaps there is too much of buying of risky assets and many are over price and the euro zone crisis is with us and too much optimism about how far away we are from the crisis. >> more in the news hour including 19 years old in terms of the massacre are laid to rest. and the world health organization urges sexually
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active gay men to take antiviral drugs to prevent hiv. ahead on the program as the conflict in gaza continues we compare the weapons being used by both sides. and in sport he may be back on his feet but the striker says he is lucky not to have been paralyzed. ♪ >> people are not getting the care that they need >> a partisan standoff... >> i ride in opposition to obamacare >> millions un-insured... >> it hurts to see my family in this condition... >> our politics costing lives? >> there are people like me literally dying because because they don't have the cash >> fault lines. al jazeera america's hard hitting, >> they're blocking the door... >> groundbreaking, >> we have to get out of here... >> truth seeking, award winning, investigative documentary
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>> yeah, i'm different. i wanna do what god asks of me... 15 stories, 1 incredible journey >> edge of eighteen coming september only on al jazeera america ♪ you're watching the al jazeera news hour and reminder of the top story, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu said international pressure will not stop military action against gaza, the number of deaths after four days of air strikes on gaza has gone up to 105. this was the scene in rafa near the egyptian border after some of the israeli air strikes and a seven-year-old girl were among fatalities there. iraq prime minister maliki replaced the kurdish foreign minister zabari after kurdish mps pulled out of the central government and angered by iraq premium minister who accused
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kurdish authorities of harboring extremist. militarily what is going on in israel and gaza is an entirely a conflict and fired missiles from helicopters and drones and missiles and tanks and 20,000 troops on the border with gaza and war ships firing missiles from the mediterranean and fighters in gaza have unsophisticated rockets they made themselves and generally inaccurate but they have increased in range and landing 100 kilometers from gaza and it's an occupying force and controls nearly all of gaza borders and shoreline and air space. an occupation that is illegal under international law. gaza has no tanks, no airforce and no navy. earlier i spoke to a person who is an advise tore the palestinian leadership on negotiations with israel between 2004-2009 and believes an end to
2:33 pm
the current situation lies with israeli leadership. >> the two sides are not equal and in terms of how much they can determine the outcome of this. one side is hugely powerful and the other side is not. so it really, i think, if and when this end, we will be a determination made by the israeli political leadership. >> with that being the case is it really left to the international community to put pressure on israel if indeed whatever the other side does is not really going to stop the israelis if their offensive? >> reporter: yes, i think there ought to be international pressure, there ought to be american involvement, there ought to be regional involvement. but i think there are other regional crisis that are distracting the various actor's attention and there is very, you know, quite frankly there is little sympathy for hamas at
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this particular moment. since this is seen as an israeli attack on hamas, there is i think an unwillingness or let's say a lack of enthusiasm or eagerness to move forcefully to end the violence. >> how can that change? how can the gaza really engage the international community to come to their aid? we now have over 100 people killed in this offensive. it really is a question of stopping the killing. >> reporter: it is. i mean and it's not even really clear what the israeli military and/or political objectives are. it seems that this was i think to a lot of people that this was a unnecessan unnecessary confror escalation, that it sort of grew artificially from the crisis revolving around the three kidnapped israeli teenagers who were found to be murdered. and that things just sort of
2:35 pm
political rhetoric got ahead of itself and forced in a way the israeli leadership into a corner. there have been demands for revenge by the israeli public, by israeli members and i think this war if we can call it that since it is so one sided, is largely a result of the israeli political leadership cornering itself. >> israeli military officials on public radio are warning a decision on whether there is a ground defensive could be made in the next 48 hours, if there is a ground offensive how much will that change the goal post? >> reporter: i think it changes the situation quite dramatically. on one hand you will likely to see if you have ground offensive you will see more palestinian casualties and a greater potential for israeli casualties which in turn is likely to escalate the situation even further. israel has essentially a zero
2:36 pm
tolerance policy for taking casualties. we will see an intensification. so you will have air, sea and ground offensive being carried out on a population that is largely defenseless and certainly even hamas with its stockpile of rockets, their arsenal is microscopic in comparison with israel's massive military force. it's a hugely one sided. and that fact alone makes it incumbent on the international community to put an end to it. >> we have paul who is a spokesman for the israeli ministry of foreign affairs and thank you so much for joining us and i wanted to pick up on the last speaker saying it has been a one-sided situation. i mentioned one statistics and
2:37 pm
they dropped 400 tons explosive since it began and worth pointing out the whole of gaza covers 365 square kilometers over a ton of explosives per square kilometer. this is -- can this be described as a fair and balanced response? >> reporter: thank you for having me and good to be back with you. i think that the only thing i agree with your previous speaker on is the fact that this current situation was completely unnecessary. for three weeks prior to the israel announcing this operation, there was a dramatic escalation in the number of missiles, rockets, fired from gaza into israel incessantly and indiscriminantly in neighborhoods and it was answered with nothing. if you are comparing military minds, it was a hamas and their cronies firing on israeli people
2:38 pm
with zero response and three weeks we said to them quiet will be on set with quiet, calm will be responded to with calm and this was publically and privately we sent the message. this message was rejected out of hand by hamas and totally unnecessary for us to get to where we are today. >> can i just slightly bring you up on that point, that even though you say there are all the rockets coming over the border not one person was killed, your response now is to kill 105 people. over 30 of whom are women and children. >> reporter: well, first of all i'm thankful we have not suffered fatalities and not for trying, hamas is committing to war crimes and one is he is targeting civilians and the other one is and it's proven and on line and put out there by hamas themselves and demand to their civilians to act as human shields. yes, tragically save -- civilians have been killed but
2:39 pm
in the last four days we had over 1,000 strikes on gaza and 100 people have been killed including civilians unfortunately tragically, but i think it's clear that israel is making every effort to avoid civilian casualties. >> you have an incredibly sophisticated system with the drone system. >> reporter: correct. >> you are the larger power and dominant power here but you are still striking areas and you call them human shields and gaza would say that is not the case and say you are striking residential areas. my question really is what is your end game? what are you aiming for here? what is it you want to obliterate certain areas of gaza? what are you looking for? >> reporter: i'll tell you immediately but let me just say i mean i assume you don't expect just because we have a good defense system you don't expect us to sit back and allow them to fire rockets and missiles into our civilian areas in the hope
2:40 pm
that we will continue being successful just because we put together a good defense mechanism because that of course is a silly argument on your behalf. i'll tell you what we are trying to do. we would like three things. the first thing we would like to do is we would like to bring the sense of calm back and like to get hamas and the palestinian gehad and rent grade groups to stop firing and like two years ago we are not particularly in the mood for putting a band aid on this problem and would like to dismantle the terror machine being built up by the hamas and the islamic gehad and get back to negotiations with the palestinians. let me be clear the palestinian people are not our enemy and we would like to resolve our differences with them and 2 arab world at large and it's in our
2:41 pm
mutual benefit and our interest. >> i'm saying we are seeing on the other screen very distraught relatives of people who have been killed. >> reporter: correct. >> you must recognize that you are formenting and driving people to want to attack israel more by launching an offensive and seeing innocent civilian people killed. >> reporter: well, i think if you listen to the voices in gaza you will hear an increasing expression of deep resentment against hamas because it's they who caused this particular outbreak of an escalation of violence, not us. we did everything that we could to avoid it. we spent three weeks saying calm will be responded to with calm and it was hamas who chose an escalation and we will put an end to it. it's a very difficult situation. we understand that. we are working very hard. we are making phone calls to people to tell them to move out of the way when we are about to target.
2:42 pm
we are working carefully with all the authorities but it's not straightforward, it's not easy and when you're up against hamas, these are the ideological siblings of the isis people in iraq and syria and the spiritual relatives of boko haram in nigeria and sometimes speak with a sophisticated voice but if you listen to what they say and look at what they do, hamas the islamic jihad this is one of the darkest schools of thought in history. >> sadly that is a completely different debate and we have run out of time for and maybe we will have that with you at a later date and paul thank you for joining us from tel-aviv. >> thank you and always nice to be with you. >> marking the 19th anniversary of the worst mass killing in europe since the second world war and we will go to london for more. >> reporter: yes, 8,000 muslim men and boys died in the massacre in 1995. during the war in bosnia and
2:43 pm
every year bodies are found and identified and they reburied 175 victims and we have more from buda-chari. >> every year they add more tomb stones to the cemetery outside of here. and they buried two cousins last year, this year their brother, but that is not the end for them. they are still waiting to identify the other family members. >> translator: it's hard. every time it's hard. >> reporter: she buried her brother. >> translator: it is as if it happened a minute ago. we were together and then parted. i lost my son on that same day. he was 20 years old. my husband, my sisters, cousins, everyone is gone.
2:44 pm
>> reporter: on 11 july 1995 forces all around here which was a u.n. protected safe haven and 100 dutch peace keeper were assigned an ordered separation of men and boys from the population and then all for their systematic execution. it was a crime of the international court categorized as genicide. in 2011 he was finally arrested after finding shelter in serbia and loved ones and 19 years ago and how scared they will be forgotten. >> translator: they can't be forgotten but many seem to forget and it's families who never forget and others do especially politicians and they come and three hours later they
2:45 pm
forget. >> reporter: the process of finding the remains is incredibly complex and time consuming. many bodies are removed from grave to grave as they try to cover up the extent of the killing when the war finished. body parts are spread across different locations. another 175 victims remains were buried today at memorial center. 6241 braves at one site. and another 2000 still waiting to be put to their final rest, i'm with al jazeera. and this is the mayor and survivor of the massacre and thank you very much for taking the time to talk to us and it seems like a very slow process, doesn't it, 19 years on and still people being buried. could it be speeded up at all? >> i'm sorry, i cannot hear you very well. >> it seems a very slow process
2:46 pm
that we still have people being reburied 19 years afterwards. could this process of finding the victims be speeded up at all? >> i'm sorry. >> we seem to have trouble with the audio. we seem to have a technical problem there, he cannot hear so we will try to go back to the mayor here on the program. and the world health organization is urging all sexually active gay men to take antiviral drugs to prevent the spread of hiv and gay men are 19 more times to have hiv than the general population and hope offering the antiviral drugs to men will prevent million
2:47 pm
infections and reduce condoms which is one of the best ways of stopping the spread of the virus. and that is news from europe and back now to doha. ♪ now let's get the sport with andy. >> thank you so much sue and ban in brazil but he is barsa bone and he has a $130 million deal and signed a $5 million contract and wear a number nine shirt and scored 31 lead goals for liverpool last season and currently serving a ban for biting a player in the world cup and the suspension means he won't be able to train with his new teammates. now argentina coach will step down from his job after sunday's world cup final against germany
2:48 pm
regardless of the results and he went past them in a shoot out in the semi final and south americans are in the first final for 24 years, the last time they won a world cup was 1986 when they beat germany. brazil have one game left to play at the world cup, unfortunately for them it's saturday's third fourth place playoff against the netherlands and ended when he was injured in a challenge by columbia's and left him with a fractured back and the 22-year-old says it could have been a lot worse. >> translator: i feel blessed because it wasn't more serious. two more centimeters up i could have been in a wheelchair. it's really hard to talk about. it happened at such an important time in my career but it happened. it's part of the game. let's move on. let's move on. i'm sorry. >> reporter: now while brazil
2:49 pm
world cup still has three days to run, focus will be switching to the 2018 event in russia, after the hosting of this year's winter olympics which was plagued with construction problems organizers are already facing issues of their own and peter sharp reports. ♪ the news of the stadium a master piece of steel and glass, on the banks of the river but like most of russia's world cup venues exist only in the minds of the architects and graphic designers, the reality is very different. work has not even started on this site. it's just a peninsula of grass and scrub. deputy sports minister walked me through the waste ground and he is confident the stadium can be completed on time. >> translator: it was really needed he says and the people are delighted. >> reporter: there were national celebrations when the country awarded the world cup in 2010, president putin aware of the work ahead.
2:50 pm
four years later the cost over runs rising and construction workers falling behind, russia's world cup dream is above budget and behind schedule. only three out of the 12 stadiums needed to host the games are even close to completion. work has not started on most of the others. average cost of the stadium is now $577 million a piece. that is 50% more than those built in brazil. projected cost of the individual russian stadiums back in 2010 has massively over run and in some cases by over 200%. the basic cost of hosting russia's world cup is estimated at $20 billion last year, that is twice the final cost of brazil's world cup. it's all ammunition to the critics of the the staggering expensive stadiums. >> this is like a plastic spoon or like plastic plate. this is one-time use stadium. that's it. nobody uses it in the future.
2:51 pm
>> reporter: and what about the football? new blood is badly needed. championship match between the two youth teams from the league and russia never got past the first stage in brazil, hopes for the national team in 2018 rest with the young. the clock is running and russia has four years to make this work. but hanging over these preparations for the world cup are seemingly endless series of allegations of corruption involving the russian government, after the sochi winter olympics and the russian football league itself but putin has the people on his side with football fan atics about what they regard as their world cup all determined to make it happen, peter sharp, al jazeera in moscow. >> one oof the biggest names in basketball has finally answered the question concerning many nba fans, lebron james decided to leave the miami heat and move back to the cleveland cavaliers
2:52 pm
and won two titles with the heave he is rejoining the cavaliers where he spent the first 7 years of his career, in a statement he said my relationship with the northeast, is bigger than basketball, i didn't realize that four years ago, i do now. let's get some reaction to this and danny is a host of 560 sports radio in miami and first up danny how surprised are you by lebron's decision? >> i don't think we are all that surprised down here. we knew that it was a possibility that lebron would go back to cleveland at some point in his career. we were hoping it wasn't going to be now and hoping lebron was going to come back with chris bosch and dwayne wade and get a championship in miami, there is not surprise going to cleveland but fans are certainly shocked and will sends shock waves through the organization. >> is it fair to say when he arrived in miami he made the
2:53 pm
team more than a brand, a global brand. >> it was unbelievable when he came down here and it has been the biggest story in all of sports for the past four seasons and the past four years so it's tough to go from having the biggest story in the market to having a team that may not be a playoff contender any more and when he came down they had a big parade in the arena and celebrated lebron coming down here and certainly it rubbed people the wrong way but the biggest story in sports for four years and all of the sudden it's gone. >> do you think he feels guilty for leaving cleveland in the first place? >> i think he absolutely does. i think it ate away at him over the four years he was down here and one thing about lebron james since the decision which was an immature move is he matured in miami and grown comfortable in his skin and i think we really saw that throughout the four years and this is something that he just felt as a man, hey, i
2:54 pm
have to do this, i have to make this right with these fans in cleveland and have to try to end the suffering down there in cleveland. life will go on down here in miami but in cleveland this is a huge, huge day for them, one of their biggest sports stories in a really long time. >> i mean what are his prospects in cleveland? they will not be title contenders straight away, are they? >> well, that is going to be interesting to see because you got a young player who they just drafted and andrew wiggins if he is a good player they can certainly contend for an nba championship and the thinking with lebron james is any team this guy is on is going to be a championship contender. right now they have the cavs as the favorite to win the championship this season and andrew and you have pieces over there that you can certainly put around lebron james and you can certainly be a contender i think. >> danny sports radio host in miami thank you so much for
2:55 pm
that. now there are two days to go until the world cup final and there has been a bit of drama off the pitch, the fifa provider is running from the police and ray whellen is suspected to be involved in a multi million dollar ticket scam and we have details. >> a lot to celebrate in brazil as fans flocked to see their countries do battle. police say underneath it all an international gang was at work, scamming fans out of millions of dollars. and the one man who now has little to cheer about is ray wheelen and ahead of the company providing hospitality packages at the tournament which is an fifa partner and police are calling the british national a fugitive and police accused him of using his position and the company to help an international gang scam up to $90 million from fans reselling vip tickets and
2:56 pm
packages. >> translator: the company has an official contract with fifa and what is happening is completely absurd. >> reporter: absurd or not, police went to arrest wheelen on thursday but couldn't find him. he says he is innocent and had already given up his passport and world cup credentials to police and arrested 11 others and charged them with ticket scaffolding and money laundering but he is the high profile of the accused and i'm with al jazeera. they suffered yet another batting collapse on day three of the first test in noting ham to hand it to india and this is a partnership in the early part of the day between gary but after lunch india fought back and had 7 wickets and closing on 352 for 9 and trailing by 105 runs and
2:57 pm
more on the website and check it out at al and details on how to get in touch with us on twitter and facebook. >> as far as going to barcelona all forgiven for the fighting incident? >> barcelona know they are getting a great striker and a ticking time bomb, reality is that it's not the first time he has bitten someone, it was the third time. he has apologized three times now. but he is liable to do it again but in the short term. >> maybe a mouth brace, what do you think? >> conceivable they could do it. in the short term with or without the brace he will be in the end of october and his lawyers are appealing this to the court of arbitration for sport and it could be suspended. >> he has form. >> form on-and-off the court. >> thank you, another full bulletin after this. stay with us.
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